Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 4, Episode 4 “Chapter Sixty-Eight” (B+)

There are plenty of troublesome things going on here, but this show managed to save the two craziest developments for last by making them seem far more innocuous than they actually are. Luisa scheming to plant termites in the hotel and then burn it down for the insurance money because Rose’s henchman told her to do it is one thing, but discovering that he’s just a hallucination means that Luisa has gone off the deep end. Similarly, Katherine continued to be abrasive and rude in her confrontations with Jane, and when Rafael did his best to come clean about his feelings following Alba’s powerful speech about money, she said she would take some time to think before hitting him with her car. Jane’s relationship with Adam also got kick-started again thanks to Mateo calling him, and Alba gave Jane good advice about Adam’s “putting up with it” comment not meaning what she thought it did and giving him a chance. After he tried out baby name after baby name in casual conversation, Rogelio finally noticed what he needed to about Xiomara’s worries and helped her to take an important step away from the poledancing industry. I don’t know about naming a baby “Baby” but at least Michaelina pays tribute to someone dearly beloved by this show, its protagonist, and, most of all, Rogelio. Petra telling Jane that the drama was behind them was a fun build-up to their entertaining chase scene in the kids’ club, a lighter moment for an otherwise dramatic episode.

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