Sunday, November 5, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces (Season Premiere)

Life in Pieces: Season 3, Episode 1 “Bad Egg Settlement Unsyncing Pacifier” (B)

I was surprised to see a “previously on” segment for this show since I never think of it as a series with much continuity, but I guess that, after two seasons, it has established some sense of plot being important from episode to episode. It’s also very late in the season for this show to premiere, which should give it more momentum, ironically something that it doesn’t need because of its segmented format. I had forgotten that, after all of the wedding hijinks that transpired, that Colleen fell off the balcony as they were celebrating their marriage. Their inability to hide their excitement at an initial $2 million settlement offer wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as the way that they used the money once they got it and the misery that followed when Jen reported that the motel had filed for bankruptcy. John thinking that Matt pushed Colleen off the balcony on purpose did get him to select Matt as his new favorite son, but it’s hardly a commendation of his character. Jen and Greg’s parenting sagas always seem to be very dramatic, and naturally their constructed story about a male paci-fairy would be received pretty well before being undone by the power getting knocked out as the pacifier was sailing away. John chasing Sophia around the house and finding her back in the old house having trouble separating was the least compelling of these vignettes even if it was somewhat sweet. Tyler suggesting that he and Clementine “unsync” was a truly idiotic idea, and the endearing nature of his suggestion that they just take a breath at the same time didn’t help his heartbreak when she went on a date. I hope that they’ll get back together, even if it’s just for her and Joan to have a second conversation.

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