Monday, November 20, 2017

What I’m Watching: Longmire (Season Premiere)

Longmire: Season 6, Episode 1 “The Eagle and the Osprey” (B+)

This marks the premiere of the final season of this show, and while I’ll be sad to go, this series has managed three seasons on another network after being cancelled by its original broadcaster, and every one of its episodes these days are a full sixty minutes. This show has come far from just being some procedural, with so much character development and multiple plotlines building from where they’ve been headed over the past few seasons. The most disconcerting situation was the one experienced by Henry, who nearly died of dehydration and heat stroke in the middle of the desert, encountering a few would-be saviors before Walt showed up to rescue him. Cady’s visions are a strange subplot since it’s indulging a somewhat supernatural mythology, which is obviously tied in to real events. I like that this case, which was far more urban than usual, was full of such complexities, and that it wasn’t revealed to be an inside job with the chatty teller but instead a man who thought he was shooting the man who had committed the robbery and shot the security guard by mistake. Vic didn’t seem too confident about taking over for Walt with the pressure being put on him, but she did a pretty solid job steering the ship and directing Ferg. As usual, Walt has an important fight ahead of him, and I look forward to experiencing the long hours of this season as he prepares to face whatever fate awaits him when this show ends.

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