Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 8, Episode 3 “God Bless Her Rotting Soul” (B+)

We haven’t seen much of Fiona as the maternal influence of her family in a while, now that she’s off on her own kicking ass as a landlord. Yet she’s still the most responsible of all of them, and therefore she got to take her sweet time forcing her four siblings to admit that she was right and they were wrong before she would help them get the meth that she tucked into Monica’s coffin back so that they could find some way to repay the meth dealer who was very angry and managed to track them down very quickly. Frank, better known now as St. Francis, was able to talk him down impressively and somehow threaten him in the process, so that problem seems to have gone away for the moment. Fiona’s rental woes, however, have not, as she’s found a new enemy upset about her encroaching on her girlfriend who she’s ready to go to war with and fight dirty to win. Lip has found a new purpose thanks to the professor’s very destructive fifth DUI, and it’s good to see him rally to something positive. Ian is in decent shape, Carl lost his hot tub and he’ll be fine, and Debs is going to have to figure out how to get by now that she managed to alienate Neil and give him someone else to love. Kev finding out that he’s from an inbred group in Kentucky and that he has parents should prove very interesting, and I’m eager to see where that takes the owners of the Alibi as they start their collaboration with Svetlana anew.

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