Thursday, November 23, 2017

What I’m Watching: Search Party (Season Premiere)

Search Party: Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2 “Murder!” and “Conspiracy” (B+)

I’m a big fan of this show, and I’m glad that TBS has decided to air its second season the way that I chose to watch the first one a year ago, two episodes each week rather than two per night over the course of just five days. It’s not clear what this season is going to be about now that they found Chantal, but that didn’t stop these first two episodes from being extremely interesting and entertaining. There’s not a single person in this four-person friendship that I would have recommended as the top choice to do physical labor, and it’s a wonder that they were able to accomplish anything given their collective laziness. Portia didn’t want to know much about what was going on, but it’s good that she was read in since she’s the only one who actually seems to have any sort of relationship with Chantal, who as a person is pretty lackluster. After Dory did an exceedingly poor job of trying to ditch Keith’s phone, things got more on track with the decision to use Chantal’s poem to cover their tracks. Unfortunately, they’re going to be tied to Keith whether they want to or not since she knows that Dory exists, and it’s going to drive them crazy for the rest of the season. I’m curious to see where everything goes since this show has proven itself to be one of the most unique, genre-bending shows out there right now and one that has proven to be immensely watchable.

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