Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 8, Episode 2 “Where’s My Meth?” (B+)

It’s really something to see a renewed Frank entering the workforce as a legitimately productive and responsible member of society. He impressed in his interview thanks to his blunt honesty, and now he’s most concerned with safety, dedicated enough that he got promoted to supervisor almost right away! Fiona’s also moving up in the world, trying to give poor people like her a break only to realize that they’re even seedier than she is, resorting to running away, writing obnoxious fake checks, and faking a dog to avoid paying their rent. Bringing Debs in to break down their door was smart, and though she might make the money she’s due, she’s not going to make many friends other than the one she already has. Kev’s surgery went well despite his panic, and I’m curious to see what his new lease on life will look like. Lip having a special Hawaiian pizza sent to Charlie to get him off the wagon was a low point, and somehow, even after a pretty bad-looking leg injury, he has accidentally convinced Charlie that he’s trying to help him on his road to recovery. Ian’s Monica tattoo went wrong, and it’s an irreversible decision that is sure to not let him forget his mother anytime soon. Debs is making some bad decisions with her hickey and erotic hair wash, and Neil is rightfully getting jealous since she’s treating him terribly. I loved Liam’s sleepover with his rich friend and then the utopia they had which was promptly disrupted by Dylan’s mom having him take off his clothes outside the home so that she could throw them right into the trash.

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