Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: Good Behavior

Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 5 “You Could Discover Me” (B+)

As always, this show just rolls with the punches, with Letty deciding that she needs to dress up as a drag queen so that she can get into the club where all of the money the FBI is about to seize is being stashed. I found the scenes at the FBI to be the weakest featured by this show in a while, thanks in large part to the simplicity of their writing. Rhonda is better as an enigma who is determined to get her job done with or without orders, firing texts to “Lefty” and using her AOL e-mail account. Javier just wanted to eat as if he had actually been to jail, and he got to play a different role of his own in this hour after coming back from an unsuccessful confrontation with Ava and Teo. The revelation that Mickey and Rose were the same person complicated things, but Letty still managed to distract Rose and the entire club with her show-stopping number. I love that Javier said she sounded great to which she had to point out that she was lip-synching, something he pretended didn’t matter. As Estelle used a fake Jacob emergency to get Letty to pick up the phone, she got some of her best advice from her dim-witted husband, who really is showing just how good a guy he is even if he doesn’t present as all that’s bright: “It’s not like if Jacob doesn’t eat all his green beans, Javier was going to murder him.” And I don’t think that has anything to do with Jacob not having money.

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