Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What I’m Watching: Good Behavior

Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 6 “It’s No Fun if It’s Easy” (B+)

There was so much going on in this episode. The fact that Sean was producing “Porn Again” for Christian families with Bethenny was pretty much glossed over, and the antics on the plantation made for the majority of this episode’s events. As if Letty’s extended family wasn’t already wild enough, we got to meet its latest fantastic member, Letty’s grandmother, played by Holland Taylor. The Emmy winner was a perfect choice to play Letty’s grandmother, who apparently taught her many of the things she knows now about stealing and pulling off a con. Tasking her granddaughter with seducing her new husband Royce, played by Charles Shaughnessy from “The Nanny,” turned out to be a more difficult job than Letty expected, with an even less predictable outcome: that he would just give her the $50,000 in cash that she needed without any strings attached. Alice did get the last word with Letty after she stole the necklace back, convincing her that she couldn’t be a mother to Jacob and lead this life. Teo holding Jacob at gunpoint cemented that, and Javier and Letty are definitely better off with Jacob safely in Estelle and Rob’s care. Javier’s nieces running away and calling their uncle to complain about how Teo changed the wi-fi password was one thing, but he was obviously up to much more sinister schemes which Javier will now punish him for after he threatened Jacob. Rhonda and Christian getting married while very drunk was a much lighter development, and I’m constantly awed by just how much is going on in every episode of this show.

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