Friday, November 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3, Episode 6 “Helen Hunt” (B+)

I was confused about the title of this episode because I didn’t think this should would feature someone like Helen Hunt, but instead it was another Helen who proved to be difficult for the legends to catch. This was a strong episode for female empowerment, with not one but two female guest stars from history who turned out to be capable of much more than their contemporary men gave them credit for. Like how both “Timeless” and this show went back to the space race around this time last year when “Hidden Figures” was released, I enjoyed an appearance by Hedy Lamarr in this episode just as a really great documentary about the actress and inventor is opening in theaters next week. It was cool that her role in history was much more than just acting in movies, and that her technological innovations led, in this universe’s timeline, to everything that made the Wave Runner run. Helen was more sophisticated than she seemed too, and it was nice that Zari dropped her off somewhere far from the war that she had accidentally caused when she returned her to her time. I’m having some trouble understanding how Dahrk, who is a great villain, won’t just kill each of the legends without much trouble given his near-omniscient powers, but I suppose there will be compromises and parlays and all that which pit the legends against their chosen nemeses in his new entourage. Kuasa revealing herself to be Amaya’s granddaughter changes things, and I’m sure their next run-in will be considerably more intense. Stein and Jax switching bodies was fun, and they each had a great time speaking like the other. Stein flirting with Hedy as Jax was especially entertaining - Victor Garber will surely be missed when he leaves this show for Broadway.

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