Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 4, Episode 5 “Chapter Sixty-Nine” (B+)

I was wondering what happened to Lina, and I assumed it was just that Diane Guerrero’s role on “Orange is the New Black” was amping up and she was spending more time on that show. While helping Lina to determine that she should in fact marry her fiancé was a decent subplot, it was all secondary to Danny recognizing Adam and revealing the shocking news that he used to date a guy. While it’s hardly something that should be appalling in this show’s world, it was most entertaining because Jane got in her head, tried to kiss Lina, and then heard the most crucial confirmation from him that he only had eyes for her. I enjoyed the clarification of the “male gaze,” not to be confused with “male gays.” Rogelio having trouble preparing for a vasectomy was no surprise at all, and it was fun to hear him give an emotional speech that was supposed to be delivered to a giant kidney stone and not to his own penis. It was good to see Jane have a sweet heart-to-heart with Rafael after stifling her more sentimental urges earlier following his being “Villanuevad,” as Petra put it. After Luisa expressed some serious rage towards her brother, he did the right thing and tried to talk her down from her latest psychotic episode. It seemed for a second like Rafael and Petra had been plotting to take Luisa down so that they regain control of the Marbella, it turned out to be much worse than that – Anezka and Magda hired someone to play Carl so that Luisa could seem crazy when it fact she was being manipulated all along. Oh boy, as our narrator would say!

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