Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 4 “Some Guy” (B)

This show has been in the middle of the action for its entire season so far, and we’re seeing selected flashbacks to explain just how calm and serene things were only a short while ago. Ezekiel’s triumphant “And yet I smile” speech was indeed pretty inspirational to his flock, and cutting from their big group hug to lots of dismembered body parts on the ground was brutal. This episode felt much more violent than all of the other hours in which we see the undead ripping into the barely alive, probably because we saw so many dead bodies in pieces and then Ezekiel’s captor cleaved in half by Jerry. Carol holding her own against some determined Negan followers put her in a convenient place to show up and save the day, letting the guys get away with the guns but rescuing Ezekiel and Jerry from certain doom in the process. It makes complete sense that Ezekiel was a zookeeper, someone capable of taming a tiger but in a way that tracks with a pre-apocalyptic world. He’s obviously not ready for the realness of what this world sometimes looks like, as compared with the cool-under-pressure attitude both Jerry and Carol have. Ezekiel doesn’t want to be a king anymore, just some guy, but he’s still got a tiger, which always seems to manage to show up and save the day. While the other three were stressed trying to stay alive, Rick and Darryl seemed like they were having a blast, playing video game target practice with the two Negan allegiants they ran off the road while losing a theoretically very useful vehicle and nearly getting shot to pieces in the process. Believable? Not so much, but at least Rick and Darryl are loosening up a bit.