Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 8, Episode 4 “Fuck Paying It Forward” (B+)

Saint Francis continues to inflict his newfound desire to give back upon the world, and that makes him a very unusual dad on the PTA, admonishing the other men for being attached to their phones and not invested in anything and spearheading a massively successful car wash with his youngest son. He doesn’t seem to have a sinister endgame just yet, and something tells me this new Frank may be staying put for good. Liam’s existence has just been threatened by the arrival of a new black kid who might steal his spotlight, and I’m eager to see how the youngest Gallagher proves himself to be a member of the family. Carl going after the guy who stole from a vet was entertaining, and it’s great to see the kid who used to microwave marbles really put his mind to something. Ian didn’t do anything untoward with the girl he let sleep in his bed, but Trevor is right to be concerned about lines being crossed. I love that Lip ended up having sex with the deeply uninterested woman at the body shop simply because she couldn’t stand to hear him complain about not having sex. Sean’s return was extremely unexpected, and I wonder what it’s going to do to Fiona other than to accelerate her inevitable hook-up with Nessa. I was thrilled to recognize Dale Dickey from “Winter’s Bone” as Kev’s aunt, and everything about his backwards Kentucky family has been perfectly awkward and ridiculous so far. I look forward to getting to know the whole clan.