Sunday, March 25, 2018

Round Two: Collateral

Collateral: Season 1, Episode 2 (B)

There’s so much going on here, and not a single development was positive. Carey Mulligan’s Kip remains so unflinchingly angry, and my two favorite moments of directed fury from her where her question about where Boca Raton is and shooting back at David’s comment about her being a former athlete with a description of him as the guy who wants to let everyone out of prison. Incredibly, she was the nice one when she went with Sam to talk to the two women being held in the pre-deportation non-jail detention center that was introduced at the start of the hour. The revelation that the shooter had access to military machinery was an important one that helped to bring in two military characters to our story, the traumatized and generally cold Sandrine and her downright abusive supervisor Dyson. Laurie’s guilt led her right to the most sympathetic of ears, Jane, while Kip and Nathan were convinced that she was a drug dealer who should be the subject of their investigation, and if she’s even still alive after her van abduction and beating, she’s going to be in very poor shape. As David avoids call and prepares for a potentially controversial vote, it’s still very unclear to me exactly what’s going on, but at least he spoke directly with Kip and clarified just what he was trying to do in bringing her a top witness. The unfazed and unrepentant Karen certainly seems guiltiest to me, but something tells me that what’s going on is much bigger and much more nefarious.

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