Friday, March 23, 2018

What I’m Watching: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones: Season 2, Episode 2 “AKA Freak Accident” (B+)

Jessica has never been known for her bedside manner, and there’s something about her walking into a shiva house and then throwing one of the visitors out of his wheelchair that just isn’t surprising. She isn’t making friends with anyone, getting along poorly with the neighbor she thought would help her out and seeming more than eager to punch out Trish’s mom if she gave her too much attitude. She and Trish were both working separately on getting answers to their questions, and now that they’ve been terrified into collaboration, they should be much more productive and headed in the right direction. Malcolm, subject to constant verbal abuse from his unwilling boss, was very eager to help Trish out with whatever she needed, which in this case involved approaching the producer played by James McCaffrey from “Rescue Me” who had an inappropriate relationship with her when she was younger. The reveal that Will was alive was subtle and sudden, and he went from being a threat to being Trish’s loyal protector to getting killed by some freaky assassin who ran like he was straight out of “Iron Fist,” an unfortunate universe companion to this show. I’m hopeful that whatever comes next and the enemies that Jess has to fight are considerably more sophisticated, and I’m sure that they will be. Hogarth, who is revving up to take Jessica on in a legal battle that she doesn’t see coming at all, is in really bad shape, and she’s going to spiral out of control well before her health takes its turn for the worse.

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