Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 4, Episode 4 “Brainless in Seattle, Part 2” (B)

So much for this serial killer plotline – that was wrapped up pretty swiftly and neatly after Ravi put on a fake accent and said “pickle” a bunch of times. Instead, the second half of this two-parter dealt with Liv still being on romance brains and pining over Tim. This show is really emphasizing the comedy with Major on wrestler brain shouting out his feelings while watching Liv make out with Tim on the dance floor. That dream relationship quickly turned sour when Tim revealed himself to be a zombie supremacist member of Angus’ church, news that wasn’t quite as revolting to Liv as the fact that his last name was Timmerson. Clive was not happy that she was butting into his love life, and the revelation that his relationship with Dale is open made things even sadder since he’s clearly not okay with that. People being on brains is usually a publicized thing these days, but it can be very problematic when it’s not clear, like with Blaine spilling all of his secrets, disgusting a few customers and telling Don-E that he has the cure. Fortunately for him and less fortunately for society, he did manage to track down Renegade and bring her straight to Chase, and let’s hope that this military man is actually good and strikes some deal with her rather than find a more finite fate to put her out of business. Major’s top recruit continues to be a loose cannon, and their discovery of Angus’ church was a frightening event, one that suggests that a human-zombie war is inevitable, with Fillmore Graves in a complicated position for when the time comes.

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