Thursday, March 8, 2018

Round Two: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 1, Episode 2 “Mo Money Mo Problems” (B+)

In its second episode, this show demonstrated that it knows what it wants to be, which is an entertaining showcase for three fantastic actresses who are in way over their heads. Interestingly, this show steered its two primary plotlines in a different direction than I had expected, with new challenges of different forms ahead. The simplest solution to a seemingly small problem involved the despicable Boomer, who Beth fortunately hadn’t managed to kill but instead decided to tie up and keep in her family treehouse where her kids or lawn-mowing husband easily could have found. When he got away, Annie didn’t need to do more than take a picture that could be deemed illegal to get him off their backs, something that will hopefully not lead to any more trouble. Taking his grandmother’s valuable figurines seemed to suggest another way out, one that Rio did not at all seem willing to consider. Luckily, their determination and boldness impressed him enough that he now wants them to help him out in much more illegal international operations. I’m sure there are many more hijinks for them all to experience as they continue to get in deeper, and I like seeing how they all respond in a crisis, mostly Beth, who is a creative liar and quick on her feet in a bind. Ruby’s family eating all of her lasagnas to make sure she wouldn’t leave was sweet, and we saw that Annie’s relationship with her ex Gregg, played by Zach Gilford from “Friday Night Lights,” is really a negative one that doesn’t have much home of ever recovering.

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