Thursday, March 8, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 4, Episode 15 “Enter Flashtime” (B+)

We all know that there’s no way that Central City is going to explode and kill everyone who lives within its boundaries, but this episode still managed to be pretty intense as Barry slowed things out and worked as hard as superhumanly possible to save everyone. Jesse showing up was convenient since it provided him with another speedster to communicate with, and he also went to grab the soon-to-be-retired Jay Garrick to help him brainstorm ideas. Cisco’s powers not working because time wasn’t passing the same way and Killer Frost being concerned for Caitlin’s wellbeing were interesting developments, and all of this is supposed to be helpful in their eventual defeat of DeVoe, who wasn’t present in any form but will surely be back soon, and may well have some relationship to the chatty character at Jitters who appeared in the episode’s closing moments. Harry’s recent anger has been strange to watch since it doesn’t seem to be connected to anything that we’ve ever seen him experience, and with Jesse not being a regular character, I’m not sure what it adds other than helping to calm him down so that he can continue to be a productive member of Team Flash. As Killer Frost is beginning to soften and potentially be an ally for Caitlin rather than an enemy, it’s clear that one of the people on this team that doesn’t have any powers – Iris – truly is its most valuable asset, able to step back from all the technical and the scientific to come up with simple solutions that fix the problems.

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