Sunday, March 4, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Punisher

The Punisher: Season 1, Episode 11 “Danger Close” (B+)

This is when I can understand why people want to binge shows. There are only two hours left in this season, and though I’ll probably watch them closer together than I might usually since my TV schedule is lighter at the moment, I’m not going to marathon all three in three hours as most people experienced the end of this season. I did think that this was a very compelling hour, with Frank initially mad at David for going to Dinah and then ready to change his tune right away when Sarah and Zach got taken. David going to meet his daughter was an unexpected development and certainly not the way that he thought they would be reunited, and Frank stayed behind to go full-on Punisher, donning the skull outfit and brutally taking out every single person who came for him. Finding out that Billy betrayed him was a huge blow, and it turns out that our friend Billy isn’t sitting all that pretty, surprised to learn that Dinah knew Rawlins’ name and now apparently being set up to take the blame for everything after Rafi and Dinah talked to Marion and she expressed just how unhappy she was with Rawlins. It’s good to know that Rafi is another serious ally for Dinah, and the sight of Dinah, Frank, David, and Leo all together is comforting since it means that half the good guys are together. Let’s hope Frank can save the rest in the next two episodes and head off towards some remotely happy ending that I’m sure will be negated by whatever’s to come in season two.

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