Thursday, March 29, 2018

Take Three: Collateral

Collateral: Season 1, Episode 3 (B)

The beating Laurie took at the end of the last episode turned out to be fatal, as I had feared, and now Kip and Nathan are confused about the scope of what’s going on, and not a single person seems happy with the situation. Kip might be one of this show’s more negative characters, but she got chewed out by her supervisor in a way that rivaled the manner in which she’s spoken to other people. She also revealed herself to be more sympathetic than expected when she showed the video of her big sports failure to Fatima, who was then more much cooperative. Kip is right to note that the two deaths are extremely different in nature, and it’s hard to believe the incredible nature of the conspiracy going on with those perpetrating it perfectly willing to discuss their activities blatantly in each other’s company. Justifying Sandrine’s assignment as taking out a terrorist gives some insight into her psyche, and I’m not sure if that was more destructive than what we saw her doing at the end of the episode, ready to take out her abusive supervisor at his home. The most compelling developments came from David, who used the opportunity to comment on the murder as a staunch call for more liberal immigration policies, and took Karen to task for living irresponsibly. Throw in the subplot of Jane being told that she shouldn’t be seen publicly with a woman, and it’s hard to imagine that all of this can be wrapped up in just one final hour.

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