Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 7, Episode 4 “Like Bad at Things” (C+)

I suppose this represents a moderate improvement over what we’ve been seeing so far this season, though I’m not sure this show can ever get back to a truly good and coherent place. Wellington seemed more than ready to face the brunt of Keane’s fury for giving the go-ahead to the general on her behalf against her wishes, but that quickly took a backseat to them needing to work together to deal with the kind of emergent crisis that we never really believe the president could actually be so involved with in the moment (and a famous John McCain defense against torture in reference to a literal ticking time bomb in “24” being a fabrication of television and movies). To his credit, Saul remained as level-headed as he could, cognizant of what was happening around him and what he can control, and O’Keefe can no longer attempt to maintain a degree of victimhood since he alone was responsible for the execution of the hostage agent since he refused to divulge the important truth that the photo of the dead teenager in the morgue wasn’t accurate. It’s not clear if the standoff is totally over, but the damage has definitely been done, and it’s going to be a nightmare to clean up. It’s good to see Dante standing by Carrie and more willing now to pursue the leads she’s putting together, and apparently he’s now her medical monitor as well. I’m never fond of when Carrie tries to lie, and her using the story of a bipolar sister as a way to get info hit a bit too close to home, demonstrating that she’s well aware of some of her instability and happy to use it to her advantage.

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