Thursday, March 1, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 4, Episode 14 “Subject 9” (B+)

One thing that this show is very good at doing is introducing these newly-created metas and making them feel like real characters even if they’re only going to be around in their current form for a short time. Becky was a great example, and now we have Izzy, the aspiring country singer who Ralph initially hated but then came to like quite a bit, only to see her cornered by DeVoe in Becky’s body and then killed to become his next host. Izzy’s powers were pretty damn cool, using her instrument to expel forceful sound waves, and she even managed to hurt DeVoe, forcing his wife to come rescue him, much to his fury. Harry’s accidental invention of the cerebral inhibitor was aided by Barry and Iris remembering that Savitar had said that they used it against DeVoe, but it seems that the language was key there, since it doesn’t mean that they stopped him. There has to be some way to stop him, even if it’s going to take much longer and involve more casualties than any of them would like. Singh’s concern that DeVoe isn’t actually still alive had me nervous that Ralph’s game wouldn’t last long, but then I remembered that he is indeed still alive, just not in the same body. His ability to see Cisco vibing into his encounter with Izzy was cool and intense, especially since he was able to mentally expel him from the scene. He’s definitely going to be tough to take down, rivaling the Reverse-Flash and Zoom.

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