Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 4, Episode 11 “Chapter Seventy-Five” (B+)

It was fun to see Jane and Rafael fooling around constantly and almost getting caught by everyone, and it reminded me a lot of similar activities recently seen on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” though that relationship was far less innocent than this one, which it appears is moving to the next level. Their typed argument about Rafael wanting some support for his next career move was sweet, and it was nice to see Rafael get excited about a deal that he ended up getting cut out of since it meant that he still had it. Jane quitting the Marbella didn’t feel all that emphatic since we’ve actually seen Rafael working there a lot more than her lately. Her return to school felt very negative even though I didn’t remember things with Jonathan Chavez ending all that badly, and the fact that he was repeating the same behavior with another grad student really got under her skin. Xiomara’s own return to school wasn’t much cause for celebration, and I think we all hope that whatever she’s doing at that attractive guy’s house is a new business opportunity and not the beginning of an affair. Rogelio has been very distracted lately, and I think this hiccup in the process of getting paired with River Fields was rather unnecessary. I was recently thinking about “Desperate Housewives” and how popular it was at the start, with Teri Hatcher initially winning the big awards and then Felicity Huffman getting them all, and it’s no coincidence that Eva Longoria was the only one of the four never to be nominated for an Emmy. She was pretty bad in this episode, and I’m glad that her first cousin relation to Rogelio means that she won’t be back. Though their romantic relationship hasn’t blossomed because Petra is furious about being lied to, it’s good that JR is working with Petra to figure out just who is trying to frame her for Anezka’s murder. It’s not like the suspect list is short.

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