Friday, March 9, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Detour

The Detour: Season 3, Episode 7 “The Water” (B)

Sometimes, not as much happens on this show as I’d like, but that doesn’t make the episodes any less entertaining. Flashing back to 2007 when Nate and Robin were vacationing in the Dominican Republic was helpful in providing context for why Robin would have thought that Nate stood her up on their wedding day, with a quick phone call from the non-husband at the end of the episode clarifying that this was in fact just a bit more background that didn’t turn out to be relevant at all. Robin sure was angry the whole time they were on the boat, and when she jumped into the water to save Nate, her attitude didn’t improve at all. It’s true that Nate is, or at least was, a relentless optimist, one who doesn’t really see how things are around him and instead just charges ahead. What we’ve seen of him has involved some true setbacks and absurd obstacles that don’t seem like they would befall anyone else, and at this point in his life he was just going to work all day, drinking at night, and occasionally spending time with his wife and two-year-old kids. I enjoyed Robin making his pro-con list for him, and then things took an unexpectedly sweet turn when she made her own pro-con list for herself and then ended up making up with Nate just before the boat miraculously returned. Nate’s call to Robin on their wedding day indicates that Nate likely went to talk to Edie about his love for Robin, prompting her to get jealous and put the arrest operation in motion. We’ll just have to wait until next week, though there’s no guarantee that will happen right away if further distractions are in the cards.

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