Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her (Season Premiere)

You, Me, Her: Season 3, Episode 1 “Dickless in Seattle” (B+)

I’m happy to have one of my favorite shows back on the air, this underappreciated gem from DirecTV which earned a two-season renewal way back in season one. This was a strange start to its third season given where it left its characters, with Emma’s decision to take the job in Seattle having now led to her and Jack set to sign divorce papers. Izzy living with Jack feels much more natural than a lot of their thruple activities did, though she’s totally right that her having to get over Emma is a completely different and far less significant process than Jack needing to do it. I feel like Jack’s inability to keep up with Izzy’s youthful lifestyle is going to take a backseat to his deeper issues getting over his wife, who seems to be adjusting much more smoothly to her luxury lesbian experience in a new city. Izzy having Emma come over to get her stuff while Jack was in the house was a sly move, and one that produced an uncomfortable and uncertain end which will have to wait to be resolved until the start of the next episode. Nina truly is a terrible employee, though at least she’s getting somewhere on her thesis and trying to steer her best friend away from a bad decision. Carmen and Dave are getting more central roles as they try to figure out who they are not just in relationship to each other and to their children, and Carmen in particular has made a new friend who’s not at all like her old neighbor and is sure to open her eyes to many new things.

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