Sunday, March 4, 2018

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 3, Episode 13 “Therapy Cheating Shoes Movie” (B)

It’s rare to see events or items from previous episodes referenced on this show, and therefore I suppose it’s welcome for the talking toilet to show up again, even if no one who entered the bathroom actually used it. As Joan tried to give advice to her grandson alternatively as a therapist, a grandmother, and a gambler, but never more than one of the three, John gave Tyler the helpful suggestion of going into the bathroom to listen to what they were saying, and fortunately it didn’t go anywhere bad, with Joan setting Tyler up to loudly admit that he still loves Clementine. Naturally they wouldn’t react in an appropriate way, nearly having sex on Joan’s desk with her still in the room. Tim’s argument that Heather should always tell him if she has proof of something before she accuses him was funny, and it was certainly odd to see Samantha as the smart one helping him cheat so that he could pass his internet traffic school. Heather’s lesson plan backfired magnificently, with Tim as the unfortunate recipient of the real letter from the DMV following Samantha’s confession. Greg not being cool and then ruining his mint condition shoes was the least worthwhile of these plotlines and isn’t really even worth mentioning, though I liked that Colleen admitted to swapping price tags as a child to get things cheaper and still doing it. Jen, Colleen, and Tim bonding about not being blood relatives of the Short family is a fun recurring plotline, especially since Jen is the only one who really wants to get out of family time. The fact that they all came back out of guilt only to have a separate game night suggested was a humorous way to close the episode.

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