Sunday, March 18, 2018

What I’m Watching: Timeless (Season Premiere)

Timeless: Season 2, Episode 1 “The War to End All Wars” (B)

When this show last aired over a year ago, I didn’t yet know whether it would be back for a second season, and an announcement came soon after that it wouldn’t be. While I still argue that this show wasn’t the one that needed to get another chance and end up saved from cancellation when so many others didn’t earn that same opportunity, this is still a fun series that I don’t think I’m ready to give up on just yet. The “previously on” segment was quite extensive and indicated that maybe it was worth bringing back, and this was also an hour that saw things in an uncertain state for our three protagonists. I guess it’s good that Lucy pretending to work with Rittenhouse only lasted for the majority of this episode and not for a good portion of the season, since now she can get back to work with Wyatt and Rufus on combating that which they’ve been trying to accomplish. Emma was very eager to test her loyalty throughout their time together, and her mother has revealed herself to be a villain far more cunning if not quite as nefarious. I like that they met Irene Curie, who said that Lucy’s French was terrible when she complimented her English, and her mother, who Emma nearly shot, which would surely have had a negative impact on history. We’ll have to see what role the soldier they saved, played by Michael Rady from “Swingtown” and “House of Lies,” will play now that he’s been brought to the future to see his vision of Rittenhouse actualized. In more comic occurrences, I loved the cover story of “Was that not Captain Phillips’ truck? He asked us to save Private Ryan.”

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