Friday, March 2, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Detour

The Detour: Season 3, Episode 6 “The Vows” (B-)

Is it fair to say that this show is going off the rails? Maybe. Things have gotten more than a bit crazy, and Nate is now just the stand-in for the audience, watching everything that goes on around him with shock and confusion. Gene showing up to pick him up was a surprise, and dousing him with gasoline as a cover-all to his alleged singles’ cruise activities was a pretty poor welcome-home gift. The video messages from Robin complaining about the negative temperatures and Delilah turning into a nightmare of a teenager were funny but also more than a bit exaggerated, as we’ve come to expect on this show. Why Robin would plan a wedding for literally the moment he got back was explained by her complete boredom and misery, and seeing how Delilah spoke to both her and Nate was reason enough for her going stir-crazy, though apparently they now have a huge house given to them by Robin’s father, who was absent from the wedding that Nate’s horrible mom decided to come to even tough a certain someone didn’t show up. After his ill-advised visit to the foxy hockey and equally stupid decision to get on the ice, Nate flashed back to negative memories of Robin and positive ones of Edie, leading to what surely wasn’t him knocking on Edie’s door to decide to abandon his wife-to-be. We’ll find out more about that next week, and for now we’ll just have to lament missing Jareb’s apparently hilarious joke that required such an extended pause for laughter in exchange for a peculiar and relatively inappropriate flash mob.

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