Monday, March 19, 2018

Take Three: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 1, Episode 3 “Borderline” (B)

This show continues to be interesting, though I feel like it’s stalling a little bit in some predictable ways. The best comparison to this episode is when Nancy crossed the border the first time and had to pee in her Starbucks cup on “Weeds,” furious to discover that it was just a test mission without any drugs. What Rio is doing is considerably more serious, with that giant warehouse and all of the counterfeit money, and seeing that made the trip to Canada feel more worthwhile. It was entertaining to see first Beth and then Annie try to convince the guy who didn’t want to give them their package to do it, and then Ruby tried to intimidate him with the empty gun only to accidentally shoot him right away. While that was an unfortunate mistake, the fact that it was a gun made it more dangerous from the start. Annie pairing her phone with the stolen car, on the other hand, was very poor decision-making that could easily have been avoided. It’s also evident that, however much she loves her child, Annie is not a responsible parent given just how much it took for her to remember to be a home for a visit that, and it’s no surprise that it went poorly enough that she needed to ask for a ride to the emergency room. I’m not sure what Beth is thinking in calling Rio over, but hopefully it’s to make sure that there’s a legitimate way for them to continue their affiliation with his criminal enterprise and steer clear of the police. Ruby made the best of her situation when she thanked the woman who tried to take credit for giving them the money for so many things that she hadn’t offered to do but now had to in order to keep up the lie.

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