Saturday, November 17, 2018

What I’m Watching: Bodyguard

Bodyguard: Season 1, Episode 4 (B+)

I know this is technically considered a miniseries, and I don’t want to look into whether its prospects for a second season are good for fear of encountering spoilers for the remaining two episodes. Regardless of its length, killing off one of the two main characters halfway through its run is still a brave move. I was thinking for most of this hour that it’s a real shame we won’t get to see Julia anymore, though it’s possible she’ll be an even more powerful presence now that she’s no longer alive. She was so attached to David in a way that no one besides him knows, and now he’s being looked at as a potential suspect in the multiple attacks that he tried to stave off while he was protecting her. He was understandably defensive, and the fact that they know that he searched for her voting record means that they can’t be too far away from uncovering his political leanings, not to mention his ties to the assassin who killed himself after failing to kill Julia. I thought this show was going to complete astound by having both main characters die in one episode, but there wouldn’t be much left after that. David pulling the trigger and having notes written to his children shows just how far he’s gone and how little hope he feels, and while that would never affect his ability to do his job, it’s really not clear what that job is right now other than smoothly interrogating Nadia.

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