Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: Luke Cage

Luke Cage: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Basement” (B+)

This episode felt isolated from the rest of the series because it found our main characters holed up and contemplating what allegiances are truly important to them while they struggle to stay afloat. That included Bushmaster, who we saw in a far more docile family setting in his Jamaican restaurant, looking much like less a powerful villain and more like a normal guy just trying to make it in the world. That changed when he accepted Luke’s challenge for a perfectly fair fight and, just as Luke was about to declare victory, he cheated and then punched him off the bridge after temporarily blinding him. I’m sure he’ll return from that, knowing full well who his greatest enemy really is. After Piranha’s fortunes changed considerably at the end of the previous episode, he nearly met his end but then proved to be much more excited by having to be saved by Luke’s awesome powers. Mariah was unraveling realizing that the one person who she could truly depend on was none other than Luke, the man who has singlehandedly been trying to bring her down for the duration of this show. We learned more about Shades and his history with Comanche than we knew before, which will likely prove to be a weakness rather than an asset in his potential takeover. Misty quitting the police force won’t help anyone, and hopefully her course correction and counsel with John Scurti’s Dr. Krasner will help get her back on track. I was especially pleased to see the late Reg E. Cathey back as Luke’s father, who may be the last line of defense against the Jamaicans with Luke currently out of commission.

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