Thursday, November 8, 2018

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 6, Episode 2 “Staten Island, Part Two” (B)

There were two moments in this episode that were far too literal for my tastes, in which criminal Donovan sons had their illegal activities spelled out explicitly by others. Daryll couldn’t believe that Jay responded to K’Lei that he had blackmailed him after he helped him clean up a murder, though that didn’t matter too much since they ended up getting her on board, so he’s just going to have to worry now about his father having it out for him if he can stay conscious long enough. Ray wasn’t at all amused when he was called out for buying supplies to cut up a body, and he was very frustrated with being called back into the same line of work that he’s been trying to leave behind. It was reassuring to see him eventually return to what he’s good at, telling Anita not to worry about what he was going to do and then finding a clever way to solve two of his problems with two bodies in one place. Bridget getting engaged to Smitty was an interesting development, but I have a hard time believing that their wedding could ever be attended by members of the Donovan family, namely Ray who tried to kill him. Mickey’s escape plan seems to have worked, though it’s really a shame that he roped poor Bunchy into it. Mickey doesn’t have much left to lose given his age and mental capacity, but Bunchy is considerably sweeter and more well-intentioned, even if he’s not as resourceful or obviously intelligent. Let’s hope Ray can help with that one too.

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