Friday, November 9, 2018

What I’m Watching: Manifest

Manifest: Season 1, Episode 6 “Off Radar” (C)

It’s time now to forget about the adults hearing things and helping to save people as a result of their newly-gifted powers. That said, now both Ben and Michaela decided to share with their partners what they can do, which went poorly on both fronts. It would have been much more convenient for them to experience these inklings in those very moments so that they could prove what they could do instead of seeming crazy and just pissing Grace and Jared off more. Cal manifesting the reactions of Marko and rambling in Bulgarian was its own kind of disturbing, and naturally he was miraculously healed without the medical help that was proposed and nearly utilized despite the threat that it posed to his health. Ben went straight to the man in charge to air his theories and threaten public action if he wasn’t heard, and it’s apparent that he’s not the only one who doesn’t know what’s happening with all the passengers on the flight. The notion of an unlisted fifth bus including those who couldn’t legally stay in the United States has its own greater political implications that won’t be addressed at all on this show but could play to the current landscape, and instead it’s just going to be another mystery plot point in the seemingly endless saga of what happened to these passengers on that plane. It’s hard to believe we’re only six episodes in – it feels like this show has been going on forever without getting anywhere.

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