Thursday, November 29, 2018

What I’m Watching: God Friended Me

God Friended Me: Season 1, Episode 9 “King’s Gambit” (B-)

I’m noticing more and more just how awkward it is for Miles and Cara to stand around beaming while they’re observing intimate moments that aren’t theirs. Sure, they’re doing great things, but couldn’t they give the people a bit more privacy in their most personal interactions? Reuniting with Ray helped give them a slight reminder of what boundaries look like, and this case was a relatively complicated one with many different pieces that led to the reclusive chess master and his old friend who managed to beat him just once, enough for him to go into early retirement. I knew that I had seen both Harper and Aleksander Leff before, each from their roles on far more explicitly science fiction series. Jeremie Harris plays Ptonomy on “Legion,” and Daniel London was Wally on “Minority Report.” It did seem that this episode was getting close to not tying up its storyline in the neat, heartwarming way it always does, but then of course it introduced Aleksander’s daughter at just the right moment to make sure that Harper came out of retirement to help her become even more incredible at the game than she already was. We didn’t get too much farther into the relationships in this hour than we did the last time other than to have Cara acknowledge, at least to herself, that she didn’t like the idea of seeing Miles with someone else as he decides that it is indeed what he wants. Arthur seems to be opening up more to his son’s Facebook friend, and I’m curious to see where that goes.

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