Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 4, Episode 6 “Call to Action” (B+)

There’s nothing that says Thanksgiving like a great opportunity to terrorize aliens whose houses have been marked in advance by the Sons of Liberty. In continuing to mirror reality and how white supremacy seeks to stomp out anything it doesn’t see as traditional and acceptable, this episode found Kara going on television to debate none other than Agent Liberty himself, without the mask of course, and disturbed by the applause that his remarks garnered. Demonizing Thanksgiving as a holiday that commemorates the destruction of Native American prominence in the United States is usually reserved as a left-wing talking point, but it was just as strong and unsettling when Ben invoked it in defense of his Earth First mentality. James is struggling with his own inner conflict about whether to hear out these radicals and be lumped in with them, something Lena was furious about and couldn’t understand. Alex and Kara may have scored a minor victory in Haley allowing them to go after the Sons of Liberty because their activities are stirring up and startling aliens, but she continues to be a force for negativity about the equality and good nature of any alien. Nia’s narcolepsy is definitely made up, and I’m curious to see what her story really is. Manchester had no problem showing up for Thanksgiving at the Danvers home in a t-shirt, and he’s conducting his own investigation into the Sons of Liberty that may make more than a few people angry, which might not end up being productive.

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