Sunday, November 18, 2018

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 6 “Kid ‘n Play” (B+)

This is the best episode this show has produced in a long time. Getting away from all the political stuff and back to the characters actually worked tremendously well here, as Grace’s relationship with Noah hit a bit of a snag when Will found out some information and Karen tried to use Jack’s perpetual ability to implode his acting career to create a tax shelter for herself. David Schwimmer’s Noah is definitely tough cookie, one who has managed to win over Grace in part because of his curmudgeonly nature, and it stands to reason that Will would be intimidated by him. It was entertaining to hear him immediately insult “West Side Story,” prompting Will to decide to watch the film then and there, and I’m glad that it was something like a secret child rather than a secret separate girlfriend. Confessing his love for Grace was a big deal, and it’s good that things aren’t so rosy right away and that he’s not too interested in having Grace meet his daughter anytime soon. Jack’s Gaybraham Twincoln concept was pretty hilarious, and this show’s gay puns were strong in this half-hour. Karen recording herself pretending to be Jack saying that she could replace him at any time was funny, and having Jon Cryer, just announced as the future Lex Luthor on “Supergirl,” show up to play himself was a fun way of referencing Karen’s universal connections that didn’t include someone like Ivanka who would never actually guest-star on this show. Let’s have more episodes like this, please!

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