Monday, November 19, 2018

What I’m Watching: House of Cards

House of Cards: Season 6, Episode 2 “Chapter 67” (B-)

I’m getting tired of these theatrics. Casting Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane in major roles as obstacles to Claire trying to make her own mark without her husband around feels like an unnecessary addition, and they don’t really compare to the other rivals the Underwoods have faced, like Conway or Petrov. Annette in particular is a bit too direct with the arm raising, and it undermines the effectiveness of Claire as a character to have the two of them dominating so much screen time. Mark also seems to be unbelievably caught in their web, sleepily making out with Annette in a coat closet as she reminisces about her early days as a pickpocket. In an era where the president can do or say anything with few consequences but always with public scrutiny and leaks, this show with all its hushed conversations about presidential break-ins, both by the figure and into their residence, feel so much less plausible and compelling. Wondering if Frank was murdered is a waste of time since he’s dead and gone, and better to focus on Claire facing attacks on her gender and her ability to govern. I’d be perfectly happy if Doug’s troubles were resolved and he could just return to being an ally for the Underwoods rather than a perpetual thorn or liability. I was surprised to see Janine, who hasn’t been on this show since its second season, but it appears that she’s back following a four-year run on “UnREAL.” Having someone press for transparency other than Tom is probably a good thing, and maybe it will breathe some relatable life into this season.

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