Friday, November 2, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 5, Episode 4 “News Flash” (B+)

I like how this season is playing out already, as the investigation into who Sicada is continues while other events happen in the background, namely a meta of the week who has much more power than it initially seems. We finally got to see why it is that Nora doesn’t have positive feelings towards Iris, which has to do with much more than the fact that she’s truly terrible at cooking breakfast. Nora behaving like a teenager and getting really into a rival reporter’s blog didn’t help matters at all, and I thought it was going to go all the way to Nora beginning to date Spencer, or something like that. Instead, it just resulted in Spencer trying to get another story in which XS killed the Flash, something that would have happened had it not been for Iris springing into action to protect her family. Telling Nora that she could understand why she would suppress her powers was honest but not helpful in the moment, and Barry siding with her, while affirming to their relationship, seems to have shaken Nora in a way that may send her over to the dark side, provided that Joe and Cecile can’t continue to maintain a good influence over her. Sherloque was indeed irritating to Ralph as they searched together for Sicada, and fortunately he figured out something big – that Sicada was injured and has a lot of trouble breathing – and gave a pleasantly shocked Ralph all the credit for that crucial deduction.

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