Saturday, November 17, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Good Place

The Good Place: Season 3, Episode 9 “Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By” (B+)

I wasn’t sure what was going on when we saw Michael McKean from “Better Call Saul” at the start of this episode, but he turned out to be the perfect choice to play Doug, the theoretical blueprint for what living a perfect life really was. “One man’s waste is another’s man water” was a terrific anthem representing just how overly nice Doug was to a fault, sort of like how Chidi could never make a decision in his life, which earned him a spot in the bad place. Eleanor spotted the demons and Jason tried to make a Molotov cocktail for their getaway, but Shawn and his crew were ready to take them on and drag them back to hell. Luckily, Janet kicked ass even before she touched the door to the afterlife and managed to get her powers back, helping to clean up the room and ensure the safety of our human friends. The return of more demons, including a Bad Janet, is bad news indeed, and I’m curious to see what it will be like for them in Janet’s void. Any chance to see Derek again would be highly welcome. Eleanor telling Chidi that they once loved each other and that she thinks she might again was urgent and sweet, and I love that Jason, of all people, was able to help Chidi relax and focus by teaching him the special Jacksonville-style pool with no rules and the ability to make up your own points before Michael had to send him off to fetch for a moment of clarity.

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