Monday, November 5, 2018

What I’m Watching: Goliath

Goliath: Season 2, Episode 4 “Alo” (B-)

I’m getting a bit tired of how much we need to see of how Tom isn’t nearly as bad as the men that he’s working for, with new limbs being amputated on screen and then even the victims of his depraved fantasies being executed just to scare him a little en route to Mexico. I’m still perplexed by the casting of Mark Duplass in that role, especially after he arrived to rescue an all-too comedic scene with an equally strange choice, David Cross, before predictably beating Loomis with his racket. The turning point that may have been accomplished by episode’s end, after Billy got Roman really riled up by marching into the police station with the severed head in the box, he showed up to spell out for him that he has no interest in seeing Roman dead, and being at the bottom of the food chain means that he may want to consider switching sides. Hopefully, Billy is finally starting to realize that Marisol doesn’t have his best interests in mind, after she refused to answer his legitimate questions and then showed up to convince Denise to push for details about the case. The case is ultimately this show’s focus, and they may have scored a win by convincing Judge Wallace that they have more behind them than she initially thought. Brittany telling Tom that she googled him means that she should realize that he’s trouble, but that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon given how committed he is to getting what he wants, especially when he’s the one in control. I enjoyed Patty’s swift rejection of Jeff trying to take her out for a drink, even though he was really quite passive and far politer than most of the people in her life.

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