Thursday, November 22, 2018

What I’m Watching: Manifest

Manifest: Season 1, Episode 8 “Point of No Return” (C)

It’s a wonder to me that Ben is still working at his job and hasn’t managed to get caught over and over again as he volunteers to help with assignments way above his clearance level so that he can steal as much information as possible. It could be that working directly with the director of the NSA helps him evade detection, but given that he too is trying to work around his own agency to try to find these missing passengers. Using an air-gapped computer in the middle of a crowded office sort of defeats the point, but so far no one seems to be onto this crack team of Ben, Vance, and Fiona. As she’s spending way too much time moping around Ben and Grace, Michaela may finally be moving on from Jared now that she knows he and Lourdes are trying to have a baby. She wasn’t able to save the suicidal passenger who seemed to spread death to those around him, and she didn’t even know what the voice in her head meant since she wasn’t able to heed it this time. Cal seems to be doing just fine at his first day back at school, and Olive is being as supportive as possible to his new experience. The renewed experimenting on the passengers is going to change that soon, and maybe I’ll finally start realizing why everyone else is enjoying this show, and whether it’s headed anywhere worthwhile in the future.

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