Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 4, Episode 5 “I’m So Happy For You” (B)

It feels like we’re getting very close to the end here, even though there are thirteen episodes left. Heather moving just a couple hours away with Hector makes some sense since it might give Rebecca the opportunity to interact with a new roommate or two since it doesn’t seem likely that the first one will be the right fit. Valencia, on the other hand, has been a fringe character for a while now, and hopefully her returning back for the holidays from her New York shoebox will mean that we’ll actually see her just as much as we do now. I enjoyed her brief scene with Josh in which she told him that he needed to stop referring to Hector’s mom as such because that’s what made it weird. I can also appreciate the continuation of the plotline involving Paula feeling closer to her kids, and that her family knew exactly what she would do to try to keep Brendan from moving to Africa and set it all up so that they could pull off an elaborate prank. Her song about always never believing in him was clever, and my favorite line was “You were never a teacher’s pet but you did kill a teacher’s pet.” I like that Darryl threw his water in White Josh’s face and that he may end up getting along a little too well with the date that White Josh brought to the goodbye party, which should hopefully confirm what everyone already knows, which is that they belong together. Rebecca’s attempts to be young and hip with a new friend group so that she could win the contest with her friends that Dr. Akopian hilariously said made her nuts were probably the least entertaining part of this show, and I’d love to see Rebecca just get to enjoy life with things like her pretzel wine pairings for a bit while things happen to other people around her instead.

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