Sunday, November 4, 2018

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 5 “Grace’s Secret” (B)

It can be jarring when sitcoms try to tackle serious issues like the death of a parent, and I think it’s much less common that a show deals with something in a completely unfunny way like this one did. It was always ahead of the curve two decades ago when it first began, so I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be out front dealing with sexual harassment and assault. Dreading the road trip with her father turned into an opportunity for Grace to call him out on what he described as harmless, flattering flirting and to confess, when egged on by him, her very harrowing and traumatizing experience at a young age that he never knew about. Framing it within the context of the rest of this episode didn’t feel quite as effective, though I guess there’s something to be said about life going on and no one else stopping to live in the horror of the experience, with the awkward waitress Patty, played by Martha Kelly from “Baskets,” demonstrating that with her ill-timed shrimp delivery. This show also managed to get away with some very suggestive sentiments thanks to Grace texting Will what she really wanted to say to him but can’t on network television. The lip-sync battle between Will and Karen was somewhat worthwhile, particularly for Will’s very involved “Leave Britney Alone” performance, but I think we all knew going into it that Jack was going to choose to have both of them as his best man for what’s sure to be a very showy and over-the-top wedding.

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