Friday, November 2, 2018

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 3, Episode 6 “Kamsahamnida” (B)

Every member of the Pearson family is exploring very different parts of themselves, and it’s hard to find many connections in this multi-tasking hour. Jack coming home with a black eye seemed like it was going to be a much bigger deal related to his alcoholism, but instead it was just an opportunity for Randall to speak up about wanting to learn how to box so that he could feel like just as much of a son to Jack as he perceived Kevin to be. Every moment in which Rebecca sees Jack for the wonderful man that he is seems designed explicitly to tug at viewers’ heartstrings, but there was some unexpected fresh poignancy in his casual mention of how he used to box with his brother, something he never discusses that caught Rebecca off guard. Solomon welcoming Randall to the church as a first-time visitor and clear outsider was a cunning and cruel act, and Randall realizing that Kevin was extremely popular with the Korean community helped to change his odds in a big way. He even managed to win over his new campaign manager Jae-won with his sincerity, and bringing Beth onto his team is another excellent decision, one that’s sure to give her a sense of purpose much more than trying – and failing – to help her daughters sell Girl Scout cookies. Kevin never seems to want to give Zoe any space, but we know from the glimpses we saw at the end of last season that she goes to Vietnam with him, so hopefully that will be therapeutic for both of them. A depressed Toby getting mad at Kate for not seeing their dog swallow a rock turned into something very positive when she insisted on him coming for a walk and they both saw him poop together – a small but heartwarming step in the right direction for their longstanding relationship that neither of them are going to give up on.

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