Sunday, November 13, 2022

Round Two: The Calling

The Calling: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Knowing” (B)

I often note how the actors that I recognize in certain projects tend to be the ones with more substantial stories, and in the case of crime dramas, possibly the perpetrators. The two performers I know best from the supporting cast are Steven Pasquale and Noel Fisher, and both of them are acting in a very suspicious manner. I first got to know Pasquale in a dim-witted and relatively harmless role on “Rescue Me,” but this performance reminds me a lot more of what he was doing in the Emmy-nominated TV movie “American Son,” albeit with a lot more toxicity and anger. Filing a complaint because Avi held his wife’s hand shows that he’s prone to jealousy, and that it’s possible that he would have acted in a manipulative manner that could have caused emotional if not physical harm to the missing Vincent. Fisher, on the other hand, was first on “The Riches” and then on “Shameless” as relatively ill-behaved and poorly-intentioned individuals, and Zack is up to some questionable things that he’s going to have some trouble explaining. I’m so thrilled to see Annabelle Dexter-Jones, a very underrated part of the “Succession” cast, playing Naomi Pierce, as Dania, one of the more compelling characters on this show. Some of the dialogue is a bit over-the-top, like “I can see that you’ve swallowed your vomit. Are you nervous, or is this just something you do?” but overall the concept is interesting. Avi walking into synagogue briefly and Janine pointing out that she’s confirmed whether or not he keeps kosher remain the most intriguing aspect of the character and the show in general.

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