Friday, November 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: The White Lotus

The White Lotus: Season 2, Episode 3 “Bull Elephants” (B+)

What’s been interesting about this season is that there aren’t clearly good and clearly bad people, while the first season suggested a stronger dividing line between pure and malicious intentions. Greg managed to gaslight Tanya just a little more before leaving, and now that he’s gone, she’s turned her attention on psychics and Portia, who isn’t having any of it since she didn’t even get to have her own reading, while a mystery man played by Tom Hollander keeps staring at her. Albie is nice and really does mean so well, but Portia seems more interested in the jacked guy in the pool and pushing him not to be as nice as he is. He’s not willing to forgive his father, who dismissed his prostitute friends but is still feeling the pull of being around attractive women, while Bert is very close to blowing it all for Dominic, who is having enough trouble getting Albie not to lump him and his “old-fashioned” father in together. Harper’s efforts to put on a show are working well, and she’s doing a good job of bonding with Daphne, whose surprise nighttime getaway may have actually allowed Cameron the time he needed to corrupt an otherwise devoted Ethan. Finding out that everyone wealthy apparently cheats shouldn’t have been an eye-opener for Ethan but instead the perfect opportunity to prove that he’s nothing like that. While he turned down Lucia’s advances, he otherwise failed the test. Ending the episode on Harper was an interesting choice, one that signals the consequences Ethan will be sure to face which will forever transform their relationship.

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