Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 3, Episode 8 “Duck Hunting” (B-)

This episode felt like it really changed the show into a traditional police-oriented murder mystery, with the repeated interrogation scenes with nearly everyone in the camp lying completely about what they’ve done recently and why they’re really there. It’s taken me a while to appreciate Donno but I do see some comic relief value in him this season, and that’s especially surprising to me since I had the chance to interview a much thinner Ryan O’Nan twelve years ago about his first feature film role in “The Dry Land,” which is so different from this show. But it’s clear in this case that, though Donno would likely have killed if the circumstances required it, he and Tonya aren’t to blame. Paige also isn’t guilty, and she managed to get away thanks to Walter sacrificing himself for her, likely much more into her than she was into him. His ability to seem normal and interact with people in an unsuspicious way doesn’t exactly track with him living in the woods all by himself for years, but this show has always had that problem, particularly with Ronald, who somehow seduced everyone into thinking he was capable of functioning before reverting to uncontrollable desires only when no one was looking. Beau and Carla did enjoy a warm reunion, and Avery’s story doesn’t exactly seem airtight. Fortunately, even though Walter may be one culprit they’re looking for here, many people at the campsite are guilty of something and may eventually be caught by the slow-moving cops who never seem to be on the right track until a lot of people have died.

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