Monday, November 21, 2022

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 8 “Egg Drop” (B+)

Janine does always go all in on just about everything, and Gregory correctly diagnosed her as having toxic positivity. He really was rooting for her in this case after she inserted herself into the science experiment that Mr. Morton was trying to do with his eighth graders, and the fact that Melissa cheated by hardboiling eggs so that her class wouldn’t be dismayed by all their eggs breaking didn’t help since Janine’s repeated efforts ended in miserable and chaotic failure. Having her kids shout “science!” when all the balloons violently popped and destroyed the eggs was entertaining if not all that accurate. I do love watching Gregory nearly go insane when people around him say absurd things, like Jacob insisting that science equals history and match, and it was also entertaining to hear him react to having his voice mocked. Barbara being upset about by Krystal’s wardrobe was fun to watch because she wasn’t necessarily overreacting but because she thought she knew how to fix it. Ava’s take was enlightening since she, unsurprisingly, was almost more impressed by Krystal’s business savvy than irritated by her disruptive clothing. Barbara listing her favorite B words was an amusing start, and it was nice to see her ultimately apologize and express some positive sentiments towards Krystal. Jacob did seem crazy for repeatedly insisting that Mr. Morton disliked him and was constantly feigning being nice to him, and that made the episode-ending disclosure from Mr. Morton that he did actually hate Jacob all the more hilarious.

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