Thursday, November 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Capture

The Capture: Season 2, Episode 3 “Charlie Foxtrot” (B+)

I had a feeling that Yan wasn’t actually in the car at the airport terminal anymore, and I was too focused on the fact that what everyone was seeing had been corrected. The fact that they’re spoofing what they’re saying too should have been on my radar, and it was haunting when Rachel kept radioing in “officers down” only to hear a voice telling her “all clear” that she soon realizes was her own. That worked against Chloe also as she left the airport with Yan in front of her while Gemma rushed to the terminal thinking they were still there. Rachel is right to suspect that it’s not Yan behind this since his own company won’t be well-regarded, and just as she’s trying to expose the British government’s complicity, it feels just as likely that the Americans would be involved too. Finding her niece inside her apartment provided some temporary relief ahead of discovering that the evidence she hid inside a photograph frame had been taken, but she’s not slowing down her pursuit of true justice anytime soon. Isaac captured an admission from the home secretary when he got sacked, and Rachel not only got Danny acknowledging that Hannah was killed but also got images of the two men who killed Patrick even after they took his phone and deleted the video he recorded just before his death. Khadija is very used to playing to the camera and knows exactly how to feign forced cooperation, and these three may well be able to take down the all-powerful enemy they’re up against, provided their eventual exposé doesn’t get immediately corrected.

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