Thursday, November 10, 2022

What I’m Watching: Avenue 5

Avenue 5: Season 2, Episode 5 “Let’s Play with Matches” (B+)

I feel like this show has reached a new level of absurdity, but it’s so fun to watch that I’m all for it. Ryan quickly surrendered himself rather than have Karen used as a battering ram, and Isaac was a reasonable person to take charge, even if he leaned a bit too much on the number of “i”s in citizen. The establishment of different committees, that, for instance, wouldn’t let Billie be part of the one on engineering, was a troublesome development, and I thought Iris was going to take charge as a “benign dictator,” a job that warped almost immediately into the “supreme leader.” The list of candidates was hilarious, and I like that Nathan pulled ahead thanks mostly to his legitimately good ideas and his cannibal-related humor. Propping up first Billie and then Frank didn’t work, and somehow Ryan got himself reelected right away since they dressed him up to look like TV Ryan, who the living, breathing captain had first suggested would be the most ideal candidate. Rav failing to achieve basic conversation, Billie managing to threaten to kill everyone just as soon as she opened her mouth, and Matt running on a platform of radical honesty that included showing off his homemade crossbow were highlights of the frenzy. The unholy Bezos-Zuckerberg-Musk spawn alliance on Earth is probably right to launch a missile to destroy the ship, but something tells me it will merely knock it back on course and effect a speedier return to the passengers’ dying home planet.

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