Monday, November 7, 2022

What I'm Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Baby Bjorn” (B+)

Not that this show is meant to be taken literally, given that it’s about ghosts being stuck for centuries in the house where they died, but it does feel a bit convenient that all these people have access to family members nearby who have also died in pursuit of a reunion. Bjorn being two houses away and having to shout from a window - thanks Jay! - is a creative solution that enables them to bond but never to physically meet, and now that Bjorn is aware of it, Sam and Jay don’t need to go back over to the swingers’ home in order to facilitate conversation. Jay is right that he should have this power since it would be so helpful at nearly every turn, like when Henry’s dead mother commented on how much of a disappointment her son has been. It’s good that Isaac and Flower were able to talk Thor out of chewing out his son out upon meeting him for the first time, and I like that his conclusion is that he wasn’t able to teach him hate, something he can now do to show him that marrying a Dane was a horrific choice. Hetty convincing Trevor that friendship was more important than wealth was a humorous storyline, especially since she clarified that she was urging him to consider it for himself, but that she had already made the decision that, for her, wealth was definitely much more worthwhile. Alberta’s obsession with Jason Mamoa is an amusing subplot made all the funnier by her character having died long before Mamoa and movies were a thing.

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